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Each day we reach out to new people to accompany them in the spiritual journey of becoming disciples of Jesus and joining local fellowships.

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Who are we?

We create an organic environment of Christians belonging to various denominations and confessions. We focus on Jesus, the Only Lord and Savior and a Mediator between God and people. 


Our values

We believe that a true transformation of one’s life occurs through Holy Spirit’s influence, hence we want our values to mirror the life of Jesus and His approach to ministry.  

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What are we working on? Get to know our projects. Practical and contemporary. Adapted to needs at various stages of spiritual development.

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„Stepping Stones” Strategy

We live in a world, where people highly value the possibility to make choices, at their own pace and in a friendly atmosphere. The “Stepping Stones” strategy is a response to their expectations. It allows a contemporary person to walk on “stones” - various projects – in a „spiritual river” which separates God’s Kingdom from the world of people living without Him.

Who is an E-Coach?

E-Coaches are at the heart of our online ministry. Many of them also get involved in offline projects. E-Coaches are believers, volunteers with various Christian backgrounds. Following a preparation period, they exchange correspondence with participants of our online courses, assisting and accompanying them in spiritual growth.

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