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God desires that every believer is involved in practical service, to the extent possible.

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Serving is the best means to development, moreover, it mirrors Christian maturity. In our team there are numerous persons who came all the way from being online seekers and today they are actively involved in helping other searchers and believers. Members of local fellowships have also been able to find their place of service with us. Some are involved with the online or offline projects, while others with preparation of the websites, courses, resources and development of technology.

Even if you’re not certain about your gifting or if you feel like you don’t have sufficient competencies or maturity, we invite you to enter the process of preparation for this ministry. It’s always adapted to the needs and pace at which people want to develop.

We warmly encourage an integrated approach to practical service, which combines the online and offline involvement, relevant to your stage of life. Perhaps you’re still studying, or you might be newly married, a middle-aged person, or during your time of retirement. We’d love for you to get involved and to co-work with you!

In order to get ready for the ministry, register for the preparation process. Don’t worry, we don’t throw anyone into the deep end without any training. We also create a cooperation network, so that no one is left with the ministry challenges to themselves.

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