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Annual E-Coach conference, with people involved in the Platform’s activities and their families.


Who are we?

We create an organic environment of Christians belonging to various denominations and confessions. We focus on Jesus, the Only Lord and Savior and a Mediator between God and people, the Head of the Church.

Our ministry is focused on:

  1. Broad outreach to people
  2. Inviting them to a spiritual journey of:
    • Learning the message about Jesus,
    • Committing their life to Jesus,
    • Growing to maturity in Christ.
  3. Helping with finding a local Christian fellowship.

Our strategy is „From online seekers to disciples of Jesus”. The ministry is based on conversations and online correspondence using the “Leading others to Christ through questions” model. Our involvement is set around an intentional process of discipleship and multiplication, founded on Bible. It’s implemented primarily via an online project SzukajacBoga (www.SzukajacBoga.pl, available in multiple languages), an e-course platform (www.Kursy.SzukajacBoga.pl) as well as through various offline projects and events, like “Poznając Boga” discipleship groups. We’re a part of an online project family Jesus.net and we cooperate with multiple Christian organizations in our country and around the world. The legal entity and leading party is the DeoLink Association in Wisla, collaborating with Cru, persons involved with the Light-Life Movement (www.oaza.pl) and other revival movements.

How did it start?

In 2006, when visiting friends at UCB, a Christian radio station in the UK, we learned that just that morning they launched an English version of what originally was a French online evangelism portal – „Looking For God”.

When for the first time we saw in real time the Google map turn the globe to show where someone has just invited Christ to their life, with tears in our eyes we started negotiations – what needed to be done to get it into Poland.

We’ll never forget that day – July 29th, 2008, when for the first time the map stopped at Poland. Until the very end we weren’t sure whether it will work in our society.

Today, having over 2.3mm visitors to the web page, we know that it’s a tremendous tool. It’s constantly being improved, supplemented, new modules are added, as well as offline groups, where those who are interested meet in person around God’s Word, discipleship and development of faith.

Our values

God, through the Holy Spirit, inculcated in our hearts values that direct our life and ministry, such as:

  1. Jesus only, as the sole Lord, Savior and Mediator between God and people.
  2. God’s Word as the foundation of our belief.
  3. Love for God and people.
  4. Focusing on people, whom we help come to God and grow in Christ.
  5. Orientation towards discipleship and help in finding a place in local fellowships that concentrate on biblical convictions.
  6. Attitude towards multiplication of the ministry.
  7. Avoiding controversies among Christians and striving to maintain unity and peace (the movement is supradenominational and partners come from a variety of Christian environments). 
  8. Transparency of life and ministry.
  9. Responsibility and modesty.
  10. Innovation and development.


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